Serve on team

Serve on team

We believe that volunteering is one of the main ways to ‘get stuck in’ to life here at the Vineyard, so we would love you to consider serving on a team.

Whatever your personality, skills, or situation, there’s something for you!

Our Venue team are the friendly faces you see in the car park, at the door and setting up rooms if you arrive early!

We’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly on a Sunday, from chairs and tables, to coffee and snacks, from kids toys to giant foam fingers and high-vis jackets!

If you wear a smile, you’re made for this team.

Venue team

Creche, Kids and Youth teams

Our Creche, Kids and Youth teams are passionate about children having fun and meeting with Jesus.

We aren’t babysitting clubs or a Sunday school – rather we want our kids to build a relationship with God from day 1!

If you’ve got a heart for kids work, join today.

Note: For the safety of our kids, volunteering on this team requires background checks and character assessments.

Our Tech team works behind the scenes to make sure that sound, screens, cameras and live stream work just right for our services.

If you’re a techie or would like to build your skills, we would love to welcome you onto the team!

Tech team

Worship team

Our Worship team work as bands that lead us in modern and accessible times of worship during Sunday services, worship nights and other events.

You’ll need to either play an instrument or sing, but whether you’re brand new to music or been doing it a while, we would love to hear from you!