What does it mean to safeguard children and young people?

It can simply be described as the process of keeping children and young people safe and providing a secure place for them to grow and learn. Children and young people are precious, made in God’s image and to be cherished in our church. Their wholeness, spiritual development and well being must be a priority.

Safeguarding children is a responsibility we all share. Every one of us can play a part in keeping the children and young people in our church safe, not just our leaders of children’s teams. A number of our leaders who work with children have attended a seminar called ‘Facing the Unthinkable’ which is especially designed to equip leaders and youth/children’s workers within churches who either work, or are in regular contact with children and young people.

‘Facing the Unthinkable’ helps us understand how to make our church safer for children and young people, how to recruit workers and volunteers, deal with concerns or allegations of child abuse and when to contact Social Services or Police. The seminar is run by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Services (CCPAS), you can find out more about CCPAS at

We take the safeguarding of children and young people seriously. Should you have any questions or concerns about any matters regarding the safeguarding of children and young people in our church please reach out to Amy Metcalf our Safeguarding Officer by clicking the button below.