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Welcome to Wokingham Vineyard!

We are people who are getting to know Jesus better and aim to bring love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to our church and community.

Nino & Debbie Moscardini
Senior Pastors

Looking to join Wokingham Vineyard?

We are delighted that you are thinking of joining us at Wokingham Vineyard! There are many ways you can get connected and get to know us better.

One of these is at the end of the Sunday Morning meeting where you can meet pastors, Nino and Debbie and assistant Pastors, Jamie and Netty. Here we are happy to chat, answer questions, share our heart for the church and get to know you better.

You can also join a mid week group, which we call a connect group. These run termly and are a fantastic way to get to know people in the church better! Either, through seeking God in a new way or by simply socialising doing something you love with the church community.

Serving is also a lovely way to get involved at Wokingham Vineyard. This is central to the church and is encouraged of those who are of the ages of year 9 and above. It is great to serve the Church, something the Bible encourages us to do. But also, it gets you connected with people you wouldn't meet otherwise.