We want to be generous people, providing the church with the resources to do things well, whilst also demonstrating God's generosity to the community by what we give away.


The Bible clearly teaches the principles of giving and money is one demonstration of commitment to the work and ministry of the church to which we belong. We regularly teach on financial giving and believe in biblical teaching about money.

If Wokingham Vineyard is your home church it would be expected that you contribute financially to the running of the church. One-off gifts can be made at any time, however monthly giving makes financial management much easier and allows us to budget more effectively.

Wokingham Vineyard is wholly reliant on financial tithes and gifts. Every effort is made to ensure that money given to Wokingham Vineyard is used responsibly and wisely. Stewarding the Lord's money well is a high priority for us and we have measures in place to prevent wastage and to safeguard money given to the church. Financial matters are decided upon by our trustees who meet to review accounts regularly and remain accountable for our financial situation.

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