Sunday Youth Group (School Years 6-8)

Youth at Wokingham Vineyard are seen as a key part of the church and range from the ages of 10-17.

This group is fun and interactive and differs each week - it's a great place to be!

Sunday Youth Group (School Years 9-12)

This group meets on alternate weeks. Group activities range from discussions to movie clips and bible study.
We encourage these young people to join a Sunday team too - they love helping out with our 3-5 year olds.


Rich and Vicky are Assistant Pastors with special responsibility over this age group. Having moved to the local area and found their way to Wokingham Vineyard they were foolish enough to show their passion for seeing the youth of the church recognised at the valuable promise of the future that they will become and the powerful ambassadors for Christ in schools and communities now - once we knew this they were on a one way track to be the Youth Pastors. They are a part of the leadership team and are always searching for ways to help the youth express themselves and weave themselves in to church life.

Please introduce yourself to Rich and Vicky or speak to anyone who is wearing a Youth hoodie.

Youth Hangout

Run by the young adults in our church, Youth Hangout is a chance for our young people to spend time together, watch movies, play games and listen to music.

Youth Hangout meets every other Friday night at our Vineyard Centre. Occasionally you might find us out and about - bowling, at the park or just out at Nandos!

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Girls' Pamper Nights

On the second Saturday of each month, girls in Year 9 and above, meet at the Vineyard Centre for an evening of pampering. It is a great chance to chill out and connect with one another as well as enjoy face masks, foot masks (yes, foot masks!) and nail painting.