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Students, 20s & 30s

Church began in people’s homes; the Gospel spread from one dinner table to the next; Jesus modelled fellowship around the table and commanded us to do this in remembrance of him.
As a growing community within the larger church family, the 20s and 30s have a heart for eating and drinking together while sharing the love of God with one another. We can be found after church, every week, firing up the barbeque, trying the latest eating challenge at a local restaurant or just bringing and sharing food together in our homes. There is always a place at the table to join us whether you are coming home from university, establishing your new home or desperately clinging on to your thirties by your fingertips.
Another defining characteristic of this emerging generation is the heart for service. On a Sunday morning, you will most likely find us serving on team – setting up the sound system, running kids groups, leading worship or preaching – but those of us that have the week off to focus on the service will most likely be sat in the front right corner of church, our “spot”. If you are coming to church this Sunday then we would love you to come and sit with us during the service and then join us for lunch afterwards.


Robbie and Imogen are Assistant Pastors with special responsibility over this age group. Imogen grew up in Wokingham Vineyard and Robbie joined once they got engaged. They are a part of the leadership team and ensure that this age group is empowered to influence the church and the community.

Please introduce yourself to Robbie and Imogen or speak to anyone who looks like they might be in the right age bracket – they either will be, or will be flattered!

Cause to Live For

Once a year we also venture up to Trent Vineyard in Nottingham (our main Vineyard Church in the UK & Ireland) for the Cause to Live For Conference. This is an amazing national conference for students, 20s & 30s to engage with God and worship together over a weekend.

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A large part of our time together is spent eating delicious food. Feel free to check out our instagram feed for shots of some of our recent meals and hangouts.

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