Thank you for checking out our latest FoodTidings schedules – we’re so happy you’d like to help!

FoodTidings is simply a way of providing someone with a meal, just to help when they have a small baby, trip to hospital, house move or any other time it might bless. It is not anything fancy, so you don’t need to be a gourmet chef or dinner party host to join in. Just a little bit more of what you have cooked this evening, or picking up a ready meal as you swing past the supermarket hits the spot just perfectly.

If you think you can’t cook, or don’t have time, you can still join in! Perhaps you can offer to deliver a meal that someone else has prepared, or maybe you can get together with friends and chop onions while they cook. Be creative, there’s lots of ways to bless. If you can make some food but not deliver it, just shout, we can get it there!

Finally if you’re ready to sign up for a day but the app just won’t work for some reason – don’t worry. Just send us a quick message and we will put it on there for you.

Thank you, God Bless you, and enjoy!

Current schedules