The Vineyard Movement

About the Vineyard Movement

The Vineyard is growing around the world, with over 2,500 churches in six continents.

All Vineyard churches share a common set of values, but diverse in how they live them out.

Vineyard UK & Ireland

John and Debbie Wright, leaders of Vineyard UK & Ireland, set out four emphases for this season:

1. We are a growing movement of churches, built on God’s transforming word, who worship God with passion, intimacy and expectation

2. We are God’s children, empowered by his Spirit, extending his Kingdom together, everywhere in every way.

3. We will serve people, especially the poor and vulnerable, and communicate the goodness of Jesus with compassion and generosity.

4. We will make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and contribute to the blessing of the whole Body of Christ.