Connect Groups

Coronavirus Notice: we’re going online!

In light of coronavirus, our church leadership has made the decision to suspend in-person gatherings.

Groups will continue meeting virtually, via video chat – your Connect Group leaders will let you know how!

We see Sunday mornings as the tip of the iceberg in our church community and encourage smaller groups of like-minded people to gather throughout the week.

Whether you’re looking to meet new people, get to know one another better or connect with God during the week – Connect Groups are for you.



Our bread and butter, home groups get together to worship, discuss the bible and God, and pray for each another… plus there’s usually a snack or two!


Keen cyclist? Enjoy board games? Interest groups provide an opportunity to join with other churchgoers in your favourite mid-week activity.


Our going deeper groups hit thought-provoking topics, such as extended bible book studies, learning about God’s nature in more depth or going through a training course.