About Us
Our Vision and Values

Love God, love people.

Our vision is to become a Christian community grounded in a culturally relevant church, where we are encouraged to grow in our relationship with God.

Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Compassion and Encouragement are the overriding practices and principles that we try to weave as a thread through everything that we are and do. From our Foodbank, Zoe Zambia and Growbaby ministries to our connect groups and Sunday services and free breakfasts, our desire is to put into practice Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Compassion and Encouragement.

How do we find the strength and tenacity to put into practice our principles? Jesus showed us the way when He summarized the 10 commandments in Matthew 22:36-40. When Jesus said to "Love God with all your heart and all your mind" it covered our relationship with God and encapsulated the first four commandments, then when He said "Love your neighbor as yourself" it covered our relationship with each other which is essentially the last six commandments. We have Jesus words to create our catch phrase "Love God, Love People, Full stop". Loving God and loving people is actually so hard for us. Why is this? We believe there are two main reasons:

1. Loving God requires us to seek His heart and be willing to be changed on a day to day basis to be more like Jesus. When we do that we find that when we encounter the lost, the poor and the sick, we are not content with the situation that we find them in but compelled to do something about it. What can we do? We can extend our Compassion and Acceptance of people where we find them; Loving them for who they are not what they can do and forgiving them as we have been forgiven. Without the Holy Spirit working in us, we revert to our own selfish nature which is reinforced by the current world view, our transformation is a step by step gradual process and change is always hard.

2. The second reason we have found that 'Loving God and Loving People' is hard is because it requires us to lay down our rights relinquish our perceived position at the front of the queue and be content with being at the back. In essence it requires us to make personal sacrifices. That sacrifice can take the form of financial contribution to God's work or giving up our time to serve in God's kingdom. We are called to a radical lifestyle following in the footsteps of the one who gave it all. Not the middle ground of mediocrity that we might find ourselves in.

What are we striving to become? A community characterized by Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance and Encouragement, the same things that we would like extended to us.

Do we get it right all the time? No, not yet; but we are on a journey and would love you to be part of it, wherever you are, whoever you are.